Thursday, December 04, 2008

Homeless Breakfast With FlowerDust!

This is Anne Jackson, or Flower Dust, her blog is famous and she has written a book about Church called Mad Church Disease that will come out in February. She came to Homeless breakfast this morning and helped serve the food.

Some of our homeless peeps..

Mrs. Anne praying with the group, right after she had gotten there. She did really good.

Mr. Eric and Mr. Dan doing what they always do..text..

And this is us down by the Levee praying with Joe-bob and Phil, after we gave out some food.

It went really well. I had a great time with Mrs. Anne and I hope she will come back again. I did get freaked out by a weird Homeless guy talking to me this morning, but Mrs. Anne and Tori protected me.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Hey everyone this is a salad that I made and I am gonna do a youtube cooking show called "Cook-E" and it is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

This is me be for Homeless breakfast, I am in Courtney Dumas's car!

This is Courtney Dumas and she is one of the people that Ilove after Jesus of course!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dream Center Weeks

OK, so last week and the week before last, I call them Dream Center weeks, because I was there everyday except for Monday!!!! What we did was we gave out lunch and dinner to people!!!

We didn't do homeless breakfast on Thursday the first week, we did homeless lunch,so we went to my homeless peeps out on the levee and they were all there and doing fine!!!!! We gave them some MRE's( those things are disgusting), water,and red beans and rice!!!!!

Then on the Friday after the hurricane we went to Turner Plaza and it was really bad there!!! there were people in wheel chairs just sitting out side sweating like a dog!!!!! There was this one lady that was a regular at our Lady's Thrive so she was like our family and she was a diabetic like me and her insulin was hot and she needed more because her blood sugar was HI and that means that it is over 600, and for the adults and kids that know me and read my blog know that is really bad!!! So we got her some insulin from Dr.Sheri.

Now last week we gave out food to people that would drive up in there cars!!! What I did was give the cards to the people and tell the people about the church and that we would have dinner that night!!!!

On one of the days we gave away ice and MRE's and I gave a card and a flower to each lady in the car!!!! The lady's really loved that!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

homeless out reach

Hey everyone!!!!!!!! Today at homeless breakfast we had the best time except for john austin being sick!!!! Huh!!!!!!! So i just wanted to tell you to go and check the website out!!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Okeechobee pics

Steele, Papa and Me.

Playing in the mud at Grandmas.

My cousin Gage, Steele and me getting into the Jeep about to go Muding.

Gage, Steele, Mom and me in the Jeep heading to the Mud hole.

Driving in Water! I got a little mud on my arm. It was fun.